My First 'Garden'

Recently I started a new hobby...gardening. Well, what I should really call it is 7 tiny pots with herbs planted sitting on my window sill. The word garden might be a little advanced for my little plants. Any how, I have planted 7 different herbs - mint, thyme, rosemary, basil, cilantro, sage and oregano. I have a close family friend with a pretty legit garden and my brother started his own garden a couple years ago - both inspiring me to start mine.

Growing up we always had tomatoes, strawberries, and mint growing in our back yard. They would not produce much, but I remember as a kid getting very excited to see that one tiny strawberry growing. If you know me, you might find it surprising that I was always barefoot outside collecting rocks, bugs, and catching frogs. I guess I always had an affinity for Science with out even realizing it.

During my dietetic internship we worked at a local community garden in Fort Worth. We learned about rain water harvesting, building raised beds, composting, irrigation and so much more. Needless to say I guess I should have realized sooner that this would be a great hobby for me.

After some recent life events and moving into my own place I decided I needed to start a hobby that would allow me to 'care for' something living. Obviously I eventually would love to get a dog, but that was too bold of a move. So I planted my little herbs and patiently waited for them to grow. I was very nervous that they did not have enough sunlight, but just as I was about to get very bummed I saw the tiniest green leaves peaking out from the soil. I can not even remotely contain my excitement or express it properly in words. I felt accomplished, proud, and responsible. I never imagined how rewarding it is to nurse something to life, even something as small as an herb plant. Not to mention how much I will save on buying herbs at the grocery store (always a perk).

Planting a little garden (or big, if you are adventurous and have the space) is a great way to get feel connected to food and nutrition. I suppose that is why the farm to table concept is so trendy right now.  It would be a great activity to get the entire family involved, especially kids.

Here is to having a green thumb #dallasnutritionalcounseling