11 Ways to Love Your Body Now

Source - Huffington Post

Author - Lauren Koski

1. Start a self-gratitude journal: List something you love and appreciate about yourself every day. Think of your favorite features, what your body allows you to DO, and what you have accomplished. Don't think just in terms of aesthetics, you will get the most benefit if you go deeper than that sometimes. We often don't appreciate our health until it's gone; thinking of things your body allows you to do can really put things into perspective. Appreciate your body. It's your vessel, and you only get one.

2. Take a selfie a day: I got this idea from Healthy For 100. Take a selfie and instead of picking apart things you don't like, challenge yourself to find 3 things you DO like. Repeat daily.

3. Ditch your scale: Have you ever felt really great about your body and lifestyle, only to get on the scale thinking you've lost weight but you didn't? Did you get discouraged and tell yourself you need to go on a diet, pronto?! If so, you may want to ditch the scale!

4. Change your internal dialogue: Would you say it to your best friend, sister, or child? If not, don't say it to yourself. Start to pay attention whenever you talk negatively to yourself, acknowledge it, and stop it mid thought. Have you seen this video? It's in French but it's worth reading the subtitles!

5. Social media purge: Go through your social media accounts and get rid of anything that makes you feel bad about yourself. Fill your feed with uplifting pages!

6. Pamper yourself: You deserve beautiful clothes, hair, makeup, whatever, NOW, not 20 pounds from now! Get some clothes that fit and that you feel great in. Get that new haircut and color you've been wanting. Do your hair and makeup just because. This can give you an instant boost, and you deserve it!

7. Get moving: Being active with something you enjoy FEELS good, and studies show that it helps your body image even if you aren't doing anything significant enough to change your body. (Source)

8. Praise instead of compare: "Comparison is the thief of joy," said Theodore Roosevelt. If you see someone you would normally feel jealous of, commend them (even just to yourself). "Wow, she looks great!" It feels better then secretly hating her, trust me.

9. Be More, Not Less: Focus on what you can DO! Pick a performance or strength goal to work towards instead of something aesthetic. It's such a breath of fresh air!

10. Think about how you'd want your kids to see themselves when they grow up: Look at yourself that way.

11. Look at what REAL people look like: Stop fawning over models in magazines that are photo shopped, not even the actual models look that way in real life. Here are some great photos of REAL people!

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