Voyage Dallas Magazine Interview

Voygage Dallas Magazine Interview

I am so honored and excited to be featured on Voyage Dallas’s website about inspiring local stories. All of the individuals featured have been nominated by someone in the community that finds you inspiring. Thank you to the person that nominated me, I am so grateful that you have found my journey inspiring. I hope that my story helps anyone wanting to work in the eating disorder field or the field of dietetics. Read the entire article

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Voyage believes that our communities are great because of the little guys and gals, the mom-and-pops, rising artists, local makers, creatives, and others who go off the beaten path, take risks and try to serve their community with something unique and special.

Their goal is for people to spend more of their money with mom and pops, local artists, creatives and makers rather than with large, one-shape-fits-all corporations.

They think if people knew more about the lives, journeys, struggles, values and background stories of the local business owners, artists, etc they would be more engaged with them, more likely to do business with them and support them in other ways. They believe the best way to do that is to help get the stories of local hidden gems out there, because once people get to know each other at a deeper level they are confident our communities will become even closer and more supportive.

Over time we plan to grow and deepen our involvement with the community beyond storytelling, to include in-person events that promote local artists and entrepreneurs, etc. We are excited and touched by the number of people that have expressed an interest in being part of that growth.

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Dallas Nutritional Counseling - Voyage Dallas Magazine Interview Casey Bonano #dallasnutritionalcounseling #voygagemagazine #voyagedallas #dallasfoodblog #dallasfoodie #dallasdietitian #nutritionblog #eatingdisorders