High Fat Dairy Linked to Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

In my busy schedule I try to browse the Daily News & Journal Reviews e-mailed by the Academy. I hate to admit that recently I have really been slacking, but today I decided to take a look. I stumbled upon this article ....



The article details a recent study showing that consuming high fat dairy (also known as regular fat dairy) actually reduces your risk of Type 2 DM.

I am definitely a fan of consuming regular fat dairy products instead of low fat/non fat and here is why...

1. The fat content in these products will keep you full longer

2. The reduced fat and non-fat tend to be heavily processed and have more chemical ingredients (note: this wont affect you in moderation)

3. There could be an increase in sugar or salt in order to make up for the taste

4. Most people choose these items because they are lower calorie or lower fat content - lower calorie and fat content tends to lead to people over eating other food items and feeling less satisfied; not to mention when you body does not have enough dietary fat it tends to store more body fat. #justsayin

So moral of the story...just get the regular fat content dairy and watch your portions.


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