Inuitive Eating Group Starting Soon

I love working with individuals one on one, but sometimes working in a group can be even more powerful. Group counseling allows your to connect with other like-minded individuals all working towards the same common goal. A fellow dietitian and I are gearing up to start an Intuitive Eating group that meets one evening a week for one hour for 8 weeks. I currently have about 5 spots available. Please message me if you might be interested or fill out the contact form through my website. ‪#‎dallasnutritionalcounseling

Topics that will be discussed...

1. Macronutrients - learning about the function of food in our body

2. Mindfulness - savoring your food

3. Hunger & Fullness Cues - listening and honoring you body

4. Guilt & Shame associated with food/eating

5. Accepting and loving your body


The group is currently all female all working towards Intuitive Eating. Once our members have been set we will take a poll to see what time and day of the week works best for the group. Right now Wednesday evening around 6 or 6:30 is the most popular. The cost is $399.00 or $50 a group session.

If you are ready to improve your relationship with food, you have found the right group!