Body Image Struggles

Body image is a tricky thing that affects a variety of individuals, including those diagnosed and not diagnosed with an eating disorder. We are in the generation of internet and media bombardment, so it can be difficult to convey appropriate messages about realistic body expectations. The best way to teach positive body image in your home is by modeling healthy body image. What does this mean?

1. Do allow discussions about weight, dieting, and body types.

2. Resist commenting about your own body or others body (even comments you might think are compliments)

3. Avoid labeling food as good or bad

4. Battle social norms of beauty

A couple things that I try to tell my clients about body image:

1. When you think about the people you love most in your life is it because of their body or what is going on inside?

2. If everyone had the same body that would be very boring.

3. You can try your entire life to change your body and spend effort hating your body or you can choose to accept your body.

4. This body is the only body you have and its the only one you are going to get.

5. The body is just a vehicle that is carrying all your awesomeness inside.

These statements are obviously not cure all, but they are definitely a good starting point for conversations about realistic body expectations.

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