23 Things Every Women Should Stop Doing

Now I know that Huffington Post always puts out those funny lists of things that certain sub groups of people do, but this list truly struck a cord within. I spend a lot of time working with women and men of all ages on concepts such as body image, identity, disordered eating, and authenticity. This list dives into things specifically women (many also can apply to men) should stop doing and I could not agree more.

Some of my favorite things this list includes are…

Viewing food as the enemy – Food is not here on this earth to make us fat…in fact, the main point of food is to give our body nourishment to create energy to do the million things we are trying to achieve. Would you give as much thought to your urinary system as you do to your digestive system? I didn’t think so…

Body snarking out loud or in your own head – As women (and now men) we are ‘suppose’ to watch what we eat, work out, cook, clean, raise a family, be desired by our mate…oh, and have an amazing career and make a lot of money. How exhausting. We need to start battling the socially construed ideas of beauty and realize that the goal is completely unrealistic. I am constantly working with clients on redirecting their negative self talk – if you would not say it to someone else you should not say it to yourself. It is time that we embrace ourselves and accept our whole selves (this includes things we may think of as flaws).

Worrying your life does not look like Pinterest –  I definitely can relate to this one, Pinterest definitely can be fun when used appropriately, but I think a lot of the time it leaves people feeling less than. Stop comparing yourself to others…it is really the quirky things I love most about my friends, significant other, and family. It is what makes you unique.

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